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Embarrassing Preggy Problems


Apart from the constant vomiting, the acne breakouts, and a belly button that’s way out there, there are a host of other embarrassing preggy phenomena that you had not even thought you’d experience in a million years. It’s okay! There’s no need to panic as these are all part of the hormonal changes that most women go through.

Here are a few of the common dilemmas associated with pregnancy and how best to deal with them.

Problem: Burping and farting all the time
As your baby grows, the space in your belly becomes tighter, crowding out your intestines. Digestion thus becomes an issue, causing gas and bloating.
Solution: Try smaller, more frequent meals. Avoid fatty foods and carbonated sodas. A short, brisk walk after eating can also help digestion and relieve gas. At night, sleep with an extra pillow under your head or with your legs elevated to ease the pressure on your intestines.

Problem: Unpredictable bowel movement
Pregnancy hormones slow down your digestive tract as early as eight weeks along to help your body absorb more nutrients for your baby. But when the baby starts to crowd your bowels, your bowel movement can go from almost constipated to LBM messy in seconds!
Solution: Drinking more liquids and increasing fiber intake can help stabilize your bowel movement.

Problem: Itchy, leaky nipples
Your breasts are getting ready to nourish your baby and the stretching skin and leaks can make them itchy.
Solution: Putting some lanolin moisturizer on your nipples will do wonders for your stretching skin. Treating yourself to cocoa butter or vitamin E body lotion after showering will work wonders too! Stay away from irritating fabrics like wool or cashmere. Wear comfortable, soft cotton nursing bras with absorbent nursing pads or camisoles with built-in support. Coverups, shawls, and scarves also offer a fashionable solution to leaky accidents.

Problem: Sharp groin pain and leaks down there
Your ligaments will start stretching around mid-pregnancy to accommodate the baby and get ready for childbirth. Baby weight also starts pressing down on your pubic bone and bladder and one wrong move could trigger pain or a sudden wet gush. Pelvic muscles also relax, so controlling your pee is a bit hard to do, especially when you’re laughing or sneezing!
Solution: When pain hits, sit down, relax, and prop your legs up. Wearing a belly support band also helps, as well as doing simple stretching exercises. Doing Kegel exercises will strengthen your muscles down there and can help during labor, childbirth, and recovery. Wear cotton panties. Steer clear of tampons and douching to avoid possible infections.

Problem: Hemorrhoids
This is often caused by the baby’s weight pressing on veins in the groin as well as the chronic constipation that often forces you to strain during bowel movements.
Solution: Fiber and hydration are the best remedies. If you have an episode, keep the area clean and dry. Ask your doctor about topical medication and remedies to soothe the swelling and inflammation.

If none of these immediate remedies work, consult your doctor immediately. Be sure to run any remedies and medication by your Ob-Gyne as well.

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