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Common Fears About Pregnant Sex


Sex during pregnancy interestingly ranges from scorching hot with all the raging hormones flooding your system, to totally non-existent as you suffer from the preggy blahs. Whatever the tango that happens with your baby-bump in between, here are a few things that typically get in the way of enjoying yourself and how to get over them.

  • Feeling body beautiful or body bleh

Some women find that they have an increased sex drive and feel great about their new curves. However, some are turned off and worried that their partners do not find their appearance attractive anymore. Know that you are beautiful no matter what and that your hubby loves you! Dress up! Indulge in spa treatments and luxurious clothing whenever you feel the body blues. Do what you can to push away from the negative aspect of the necessary and temporary changes in your body. After all, you are nurturing a beautiful miracle right there!

  • Anxiety about hurting yourself, the baby or inducing labor

Barring any health or physical issues, unusual acrobatics, or unsafe sexual practices, you and the baby are pretty safe. Usually, sex for pregnant women isn’t painful, but the given discomforts during the first and third trimester can be real buzz-killers. Luckily, you can use a lot of help to get you going: pillows, lube, and safe toys even! As for baby, enclosed comfortably in layers of strong muscle, tissue, membrane, and lots of fluid, he won’t be disturbed. If anything, the baby may even find the rocking motions of your sexy time to be pretty relaxing. Orgasm won’t usually trigger instant labor either, unless your body is really ready to give birth.

  • Difficulties getting your sexy on

When and where you feel most comfortable has a lot of bearing on your sexy time before you got pregnant. Now more than ever, you’ll have to make sure that you set aside some relaxation and prep time before you have that sexy date with hubby. Set the date, create the ambience, and have a relaxing beauty ritual to get yourself in the mood. Big hunky points to hubby if he does the arrangements: booking the date, the spa, and the hotel room for a sexy getaway!


Here are a few safety reminders as well:

* Do not blow air into the vagina. Air bubbles can result in blocked blood vessels resulting in death for you and your child.
* Consult your doctor if you experience bleeding at any time during your pregnancy.
* If you are diagnosed with cervical problems, placenta previa, carrying multiples, or have a history of premature labor, consult your doctor.


There are a lot of factors that can affect sex during pregnancy that it’s difficult to generalize. Needless to say, it’s normal to have some anxiety about it. What’s important is that you and your partner talk about them and sort them out. Sex is more than just physical contact after all, it’s an intimate, loving communion between the two of you.

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