Active Pregnancy
The Pool Workout


Water exercises are highly recommended for pregnant women. Water buoyancy helps maintain balance, fully supporting your body as you concentrate on a proper workout. There are also reduced risks of injury due to accidents. Plus, it’s generally easy on preggy joints and muscles.

Here are a few moves you can try:

Pool Ski: Strengthens arm, shoulders, upper and lower legs, hips, buttocks, and core muscles, and stretches your calves. Standing tall in a comfortable depth—with your tummy pulled in and shoulders back and relaxed—gently hop, slide, or jump forward. Swing your arms along to keep your balance as you scissor your legs, moving across the pool. Do this around eight times or as much as you can comfortably do.

Pendulum Cross: Strengthens core, arms, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks, especially the inner and outer thighs and deep abdominals. Stand with your feet comfortably hip-width apart with hands on your hips. Standing on one foot, raise and swing the other leg from right to left, as you swing your arms in front in opposing directions. Repeat a few times then switch to the other leg.

Floating frog legs: Strengthens deep abdominals, shoulders, arms, thighs, and buttocks, and stretches the inner thighs and lower back. Lean back with your arms resting on the edge of the pool supporting your body. Contracting your abdominal muscles, pull your legs up to the surface of the water as you inhale. Exhale, keeping your tummy tight as you bend your knees and put your soles together as you pull your feet in towards you, knees splayed apart like frog legs. Inhaling, push the water as you fully extend your legs back and straighten your knees. Exhale as you bring your feet back to the bottom of the pool. Repeat eight times on each leg or as much as you can without getting too tired.

Remember to consult your doctor first and get a medical thumbs-up before starting any workouts! Don’t forget to stay hydrated during and after your water exercise as you would not be aware that you’re sweating as you’re in water. Practice safety precautions and if you feel pain, discomfort or anything unusual, stop immediately and see your doctor.

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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