First Time Pregnancy
24 Hours After Birth: What to Expect


So you’ve done your research about what to expect while you’re expecting and even how to care of baby after going home. However, you have to be ready for how to take care of yourself in the first 24 to 48 hours.

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect right after your baby pops out:

  • Bleeding and after-pains: You will experience heavy bleeding and can pass small clots. After the delivery, you’ll need to wear adult diapers. After a day or two, you may already wear maternity pads. Your enlarged uterus will be shrinking back to normal size and the contractions will feel like intense cramps from dysmenorrhea especially during the first day or two. Breastfeeding will also cause the release of oxytocin, stimulating contractions to help your uterus grow smaller.
  • Constipation: You will be asked to poop within the next 24 to 48 hours to make sure your insides are getting back to normal movement. However, it’s also normal not to feel the urge for a few days. Be sure to drink lots of water and eat fruits to help your system get back into the swing of things.
  • Tears and episiotomy, perineal pain, and numbness: Keep in mind that your body has gone through a physical challenge like no other. You will still feel discomfort after a few days but if the pain persists or worsens even after going home, ask your doctor to check for infection.
  • Nipple soreness, blockages, and engorgement: At the beginning, your baby and your breasts will be adjusting to each other. Latching also sometimes need a bit of encouragement to get right so ask for help from your mom, doctor, and mommy friends. Use breast milk on cracked or sore nipples to soothe and heal. Use a warm compress if you feel engorgement, and continuously feed your baby to avoid blockages and infection. If you feel pain, consult your doctor or lactation consultant.

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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