Healthy and Fit Pregnancy
Friends to the Rescue


Whether you’re the first, last, or among many in your group of buddies to be preggy, it’s always fun to be around good friends. You can get the future Ninongs and Ninangs involved with your little one as early as their little inaanak is still in utero. Here are some ways this time can be a particularly interesting bonding period in your extended family:

• Prenatal checkups, childbirth education classes: If Daddy isn’t available and you’re jittery about clinic visits, good friends may be up to the task of holding your hand. They may also have questions of their own that would help provide insights about your pregnancy. A friend can even be your back up plan at childbirth education classes if your partner can’t make it.

• Pregnancy, baby care, and parenting info watch: You could ask your friends to be on the look-out for good books, videos, and any other informational material to help you on this new phase of your life.

• Planning for the baby’s space and furnishings at home would be more fun with friends around. It would also ease the pressure from you and Daddy-to-be. Sourcing clothes and baby things from friends will skip the need to buy and spend more than your budget. Friends can also help you make your house preggy- and baby-friendly. They can even drop in to help you clean up or cook meals as your tummy gets bigger!

• Most importantly, your friends can help you stay healthy during pregnancy. They could help you lead a healthier lifestyle by steering you towards making good food choices and helping you quit smoking and drinking. If you want an exercise buddy, ask a friend to take classes with you or walk around the park.

Since this time involves a lot of changes, having someone to talk to about your plans, hopes, dreams, and fears is a blessing. You’ll have mood swings and having a good shoulder to cry on or someone sensible to knock some sense into you would be a great help.

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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