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Documenting Birth


You may already be documenting everything you can about your pregnancy at this point from the positive pregnancy test and first ultrasound to weekly or monthly tummy pictures, all posted on a preggy blog. You may also find yourself planning to document your baby’s arrival soon enough. Listed below are a few things you may want to take note of as you await the appearance of the ultimate star of the show!

• Video, photo, audio file, written word, or everything on the menu? Choose just how much of the birth you’ll want to capture for posterity’s sake and discuss with your hubby. He might not feel like reliving the scene every so often and he may also never see your vagina the same way again. So best ask him first!

• Is it allowed? Some birthing facilities may not allow photos of the labor and birth, while other places may allow you to video or photograph with your doctor’s permission only. Others are a bit more lenient, allowing you to photograph and video tape postpartum, during labor, a vaginal delivery, and even a C-section.

• Ideally, hubby should focus on you and not the camera. So when hubby is busy holding your hand or if he’s barred from the delivery room, a good friend, relative, or even hospital staff may willingly take on documentation. All you need to do is make arrangements beforehand.

• Ready for your close up? Quite realistically, you will have sweat, make labor faces and sounds, plus have other hospital action that would take your video far from a sterile TV episode. You may also want to set limits to just what your enterprising photo/videographer would take, such as footage of the baby coming out, but modestly cropping out your sensitive parts!

• Don’t forget to charge your camera, bring extra batteries, and have at least two video tapes, one for the birth and one for later. Remember to keep your tape and equipment in a safe place. Label your precious footage properly to avoid getting deleted or taped over by accident!

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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