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Being pregnant is always a special time whether for first-time or veteran mommies. Every pregnancy brings a unique story that packs a sentimental punch; which is why it warrants documentation in one form or another.

Start a journal or scrapbook that you can give your child later on as a keepsake. Better yet, jot down your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams in a pregnancy blog.

Here’s how to get started:
• Choose a free blogging service like Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr and register.
• Pick a good, easy-to-remember name for your site as it’s going to be your permanent web address.
• If you’re going to buy a domain name, can help. Do without the hosting plan and have your domain name forwarded to your blog address instead.
• After signing up, pick out the design of your website and customize to your heart’s content with color, background, and fonts.
• Do you want to share this journey with the rest of the world or keep it between you and a precious few? If it’s something that you only want to share with your closest relatives and friends, set your privacy levels so that just you and the people you invite can see it.
• If you want to go public, you may want to set limits on using real names, locations, and sensitive photos like your baby bathing.

What do you want to share?
• Just like a diary, your posts will be chronological. However, you can set back the date on each entry if you want to record things from the very start of your pregnancy. Begin whenever you want, with whatever topic. A good start would probably be a short introduction about you and your family.
• Scan, upload, and caption ultrasound photos, test results, pictures, and whatever else you feel are important in your pregnancy journey. It could be your favorite food at a particular time or the view from the window as you are pacing sleepless at 3 a.m. It could even be photos of your preggie belly as baby grows bigger.
• You may also post video recordings. Some mobile phones have a video recording function that works well with on-the-go posts.

How long you’d want to keep updating your baby blog is up to you. It’s a great way to show off your bundle of joy!

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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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