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How to Choose Your OB-Gyne


Now that you’re pregnant, you have to choose the right health care partner to assist and guide you and your hubby through this precious time. It’s important that you are completely comfortable with your chosen OB/Gyne or Obstetrician. Trust is an imperative since you are placing your health and that of your baby’s in his hands.

Looking for the right doctor could be a challenging task. You might even feel a little embarrassed to be “screening” the doctors, but rest assured, nothing else matters more than you and your baby. It really isn’t a decision to be made lightly at this critical time, so a few self-evaluating questions and careful assessment of potential health care providers would not be out of line.

Here are some points to consider:
• Budget or financial capability: Free clinic or do you have the luxury to pick your own doctor? If you are going to charge it to your HMO or insurance, know the extent of your coverage.

• Medical history: Do you or your family have medical problems that could have an impact on your pregnancy or your baby? This could mean enlisting the services of a specialist apart from an OB/Gyne or Obstetrician.

• Doctor preference: Does gender matter? Some women are not comfortable with a male doctor, especially if it means “exposing” their private parts. However, a female nurse is supposed to be with you during exams should you opt for a male doctor. Meanwhile, the doctor who’s part of a large practice may give you a less personalized experience. The sole practitioner, on the other hand, can give you more consistency with your appointments and exams but might not be able to deliver your baby due to possible limited hospital affiliations.

• Hospital preference: Depending on the budget, convenience, proximity to your location, and other attractions (like a hotel ambience), you may want a certain hospital to give birth at. Find out if your chosen doctor is affiliated with your choice of hospital.

• Convenience: Is the doctor practicing around your area? The closer you are to your due date, the more proximity becomes an issue especially if you need to be monitored for certain conditions.

• Personal beliefs: You might also consider your own wishes or your family’s beliefs with respect to tradition or religion. Do you want an “old school” doctor or one that follows current research and techniques? How about a doctor who combines modern medicine and the “old ways”?

As soon as you and your hubby have a good idea of what you want in a health care partner, it will be easier to pick one who’s a great fit for you and your needs.

Tips to remember:
• Investigate and research your choices.
• Ask around. Find out from friends and family about their experiences and ask for referrals.
• Set appointments at your most convenient time to find out which doctors are available.
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get to know the doctor. You can gauge how helpful, friendly, and open to ideas they are at the initial interview.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a crucial decision to make and you need to feel comfortable and secure that you and your baby are getting the care you want and truly deserve.



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