Relaxed Pregnancy
Six Funny Movies about Pregnancy


Yes, getting pregnant is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get three trimesters’ worth of laughs either. For the lighter side of pregnancy, check out these movies you can watch when you get an attack of the blues or when it’s one of those long, sleepless nights! Full of laughter and love, there are also dramatic moments that could have you spilling a teardrop or two buckets, depending on your hormonal swing. Just remember to have a ready supply of popcorn and water for your munchies.

Look Who’s Talking: This is a classic, romantic comedy where career woman suddenly finds herself the single mom of an adorable baby boy. With funny voiced-over commentaries from the baby, the light, heart-warming story follows mom’s adventures as she juggles parenting, working, and dating.

Baby MamaSaturday Night Live’s funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team up in a hilarious comedy about a single woman who decides to have a baby through a surrogate. With the unconventional, vibrant Angie moving in with her, Kate’s structured world turns upside down, but funnily enough, right side up for everyone around.

Juno: High school students Paulie and Juno find themselves in the middle of a tricky situation when the latter gets pregnant after a one-time encounter. Join the kids as they navigate through their relationship, high school, pregnancy, and looking for an adoptive family in one awesome movie with a cool soundtrack.

Knocked Up: An unlikely pairing bears fruit: Alison is a gorgeous career woman who meets slacker Ben at a bar. With parenthood looming in the distance, will this be a permanent arrangement or just a one-time deal?

Father of the Bride 2: The sequel to the family comedy “Father of the Bride,” Steve Martin is trying to adjust to the fact that his daughter is now going to be a Mom. Things get even more complicated as he finds that his wife Nina, played by Diane Keaton, is also pregnant.

Junior: Ever have those moments when you wish hubby went through even a smidgen of what you’re going through now that you’re pregnant? Well, one scientist was brave enough to try it and it’s none other than manly-man Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the dad/mom-to-be in this funny film with Danny de Vito and Emma Thompson! Ask your own dad-to-be to watch with you so he can picture the whole nine months through Arnie’s experience!

For more details and spoilers, you can search them all at Have a great movie date whether it’s just you and baby bump, the hubby, or a preggy buddy!


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