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Naming your brand new little person is a very special moment that could also send your BP sky high as you rack your brains for the right one. The pressure is on, since as soon as that ink dries on the Birth Certificate, there’s no changing what could be a life-long blessing or burden to your little tot.

How to pick?

  • With hubby, list your top choices and talk about why you like each name.
  • Consider family heritage and ancestry. If you’re both big on tradition, you might want to consider an honoured relation’s name.
  • Be aware of any meanings, like cultural or religious legacies, that your child may be compelled to live up to.
  • Make sure it sounds good by itself and in combo with second names, your middle name, and family name.

Here are some tips we’ve pooled together to help you come as close to the perfect name as possible:

  • Steer clear of potentially bad nicknames, especially when the first name is combined with your last name.
  • Avoid embarrassing initials. Bernadette Angelique Demetrio (BAD) or Nathan Andre Gonzalez (NAG) would certainly get the wrong kind of attention from others.
  • Names with exotic or unique origins that are hard to pronounce and easily misspelled can sometimes pose problems especially on legal documents.
  • Super popular names could annoy you no end when it seems that everyone and their pet cat seems to have the same name as your precious one.
  • Notorious names of unsavory characters, whether real or literary, can give your child a hard time in school or when getting a job.
  • Step away from names that sound nice but have bad meanings.

Even if you do keep all these tips in mind, be warned that no name is tease-proof in the minds of creative school kids. Ana Banana, Jason Bacon, and Kiko Biko can tell you all about it. And as always, everyone in the family will have his own opinion about what you should or shouldn’t name your child. While it’s okay to be open to ideas from others, the decision is for you and your husband to make.

You can try looking up some name suggestions in our list of baby names if you need help starting a list of your own! Overwhelming as it may seem, what’s important is that you and your hubby love the name you’re going to pick.

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