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These days, there’s more than one way to welcome your brand new little person into the world. You can now make plans according to your own personal beliefs and philosophies, supported by advances in medical technology. The following are just a few of the options that you may want to look into:

  • Natural childbirth: This method makes no use of medication of any kind, whether to help along labor or control pain. Only breathing techniques and visualization exercises help moms who opt to go Mother Nature’s way. Some examples are Lamaze, Bradley method, water birthing, and hypnobirthing. If you find that hospitals are too cold or intimidating, you might even want to explore the possibility of a home birth. There are already quite a few certified local professionals, doulas, and childbirth preparation instructors who can help you. Surrounded by family and close friends in the comfort of your own home, you can even just have your husband as your coach and a midwife to assist you through labor and delivery. As long as your doctor gives you the OK, this could be quite a unique, extraordinary experience for everyone you wish to share it with.
  • Medicated birth: For those who feel that inducement or pain management during labor and delivery is a must, there are a lot of options you can discuss with your OB-Gyne and anesthesiologist. These range from systemic pain medication to spinal blocks and walking epidurals that will all be dependent on the kind of birthing experience you want to have. Take into consideration your medical concerns like allergies and other conditions.
  • Scheduled Cesarean Section: Moms have the option of scheduling a C-section, especially if it looks like you and/or your baby are going to be medically unable to proceed with normal delivery. It becomes an immediate option when an emergency comes up during any other birthing method you may have chosen.
  • Vaginal birth: Also called normal delivery, this birthing method can be experienced naturally without medication or with pain management. You may also ask your doctor advice about episiotomies or natural tearing during delivery.
  • VBAC: Vaginal Birth After C-Section is for Moms who had previously given birth through C-Section but wish to go through a normal vaginal birth with their next child. It’s highly possible nowadays, especially since medical practices have advanced for the health and safety of moms and babies.

No matter what option you may choose to explore, make a thorough research of it and discuss with your doctor and your husband. Prioritize health and safety above all factors.


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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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