Relaxed Pregnancy
Late Night Lounging


It’s way past bedtime and your aching, pregnant body demands the blissful oblivion of sleep. So you slip into your favorite jammies, snuggle into your pillows, switch off your light…and feel a kick in your gut that brings you back to the land of the living.


Why does your little passenger seem to be alive, awake, and alert when you’re ready to drop off to dreamland? During the day, your constant movement and environmental noises are enough to keep lulling the baby to sleep. But as soon as you slow down, the rhythm stops and your tiny companion is no longer mesmerized enough to stay still.


When you absolutely have to get some shuteye, here are some ways to cope with the situation:

1. Relax: Tossing and turning would drive you nuts, not to mention your poor hubby. If you can’t really sleep, give it up to save yourself the frustration. Enjoy a bit of down time. Dressed in your comfy, lounging-about clothes, loll around reading books or watching movies. Seriously, you may not have time for these things when the baby comes out. Enjoy them now!


2. Move: Sometimes, you’d get a burst of energy along with the baby; make use of it. Packed for the hospital yet? Break out the luggage and go over the required documents. Prettify the nursery with lovely decals and other personal touches. Leave any hammering for the morning hours and pushing around heavy furniture to the males under your command—hubby, brothers, in-laws, hapless visiting friends, and excited grandfathers.

3. Connect: Enjoy the quiet of the nighttime hours, when it’s just you and your little one communing with each other. Think of every flip and roll as your baby begins to learn and develop while in your womb. Talk or read aloud and touch your belly; see if that little moving bump is a ticklish foot or elbow. Listen to music and find out if you have the same musical preferences. Encourage your baby to start communicating with you as early as now.

4. Naps: Even if it’s true that nighttime rest is different, quality rest can still be possible for you during the day, whenever you can and wherever you can. Have 20 minutes of free time? Nod off. Feel drowsy? Grab a pillow and make for the nearest horizontal (comfy) surface. Let your body tell you what it needs, how often, and how long. You need to recharge and adjust to the demands being put on your body. As soon as that yawn comes on, your body is signaling that it’s time to compensate for the lack of nighttime sleep.



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