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How Far Should “Nesting” Go?


“Nesting” is the term for that age-old instinct among expectant moms to prepare the home for the arrival of the new baby. Just as each mom is different from the rest, so are the nesting episodes that everyone goes through. Some are as mild as creating space for a crib, purchasing baby clothes, and cleaning house. But there are some infanticipating moms who throw out old furniture, tear out walls, and remodel entire homes at the drop of a poufy infant cap.

Remember that it’s not only the nursery that you are prepping, but the entire house! Having a baby will literally turn the house upside down with all the adjustments and considerations that come with the new arrival. So how do you know you aren’t going nesting crazy? Check out a few of our pointers to keep a sane thread on preparing for your new resident.

1. Play it smart: Creating space for the baby shouldn’t break the bank or drive you bonkers. Sit down and talk things over with your hubby and define your needs and wants. Create a list. Let go of impossible things; not all of us can afford nurseries like those of celebrity babes.

2. Draw up a reasonable budget for buying and renovating, and stick to it: Resist the temptation to buy the vacant lot next door to convert into a playground for your little one, unless, of course, you can.

3. Be practical: Take a look at your home and identify what available areas can be designated as baby stations apart from the nursery. There should be nooks where baby essentials can be easily accessed when needed, as well as changing and feeding areas. Make use of practical space-saving solutions, determine what furnishings you can let go of or press into baby service.


4. Old space to new space: Make use of available space and find creative work-arounds to stop yourself from breaking down walls or pulling out floor boards. Surf the net for tips and ideas on how to effectively utilize floor space, repurpose furniture, and spruce up other items to make a cozy little area for baby.

5. Keep schedules and lists: Post them where you and everyone else can see it so that other people can also help you with ticking off items on the lists. It would also help if your nesting schedule of To-Do’s is relaxed enough to avoid tiring and harassing you.

6. Let others help: There is only so much you can do and letting others help you will create a stronger bond between you and everyone else. Keep in mind that there really are some things you cannot do because of your delicate condition. Let others do the cleaning with chemicals, painting, and lifting heavy furniture. Stick to organizing the bassinette, shopping, and ordering everyone around.


Making your home baby-friendly to welcome your little one should be a happy, stress-free time full of fond memories and laughter between you, hubby, and the rest of the family. Don’t let it get to the point that it will upset you or everyone around you, interfere with your finances, and put you at risk.


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