Relaxed Pregnancy
Keep Calm and Holiday On!

Keeping stress-free while infanticipating during the holiday season is no mean feat as you can easily get caught in an avalanche of to-do’s. However, you have to remember that you are pregnant and that too much stress could endanger your well-being and that of your baby’s.

So keep chill, have some bibingka and hot tsokolate-eh and try to enjoy the nippy Christmas air with these reminders:

Learn to say NO: It’s not a sin to say “Maybe another time!” to the tenth invitation for a weekend get-together with your grade school barkada or an office get-together at a swanky bar. Your party animal soul needs to match the needs of your expectant body. It’s up to you to schedule how many and what kind of events you will be going to on a weekly basis during the holiday season, but bear in mind that you don’t have to feel pressured to say “yes” to every invitation or entertain calls to host a Christmas shindig.

Quality gifts over quantity: While some may argue that the truly nice gifts require shelling out more than a few hundred pesos, there are still presents that warm the heart without plunging your cash levels near zero. Think about what would really be meaningful for the person you are buying for. It may be as simple as a much-searched for, well-loved title available from a second-hand book shop or a few hours spent together in laughter over a home-cooked meal. Remember that you’re going to welcome a new baby soon and saving up for the tiny tot should be on top of your priority budget list from now on.

More or less décor: True, the tinsel and the tassels get us all excited, but try to rein in the impulse to buy every ball and ribbon in sight. Putting them all up may require superhuman stamina but it’s not really advisable in your condition to be rushing about, going up and down ladders, and generally exhausting yourself.

Alternative shopping spree: Instead of braving the malls, the crazy traffic, and the thick holiday crowd, pregnant moms can shop in the comfort of their own homes through various online portals. With Paypal, a credit card, or even cash-on-delivery payment schemes, it’s easy to leisurely browse through a myriad of goodies as you’re lounging in your favorite chair with cushions at your back and your feet propped up. No need to go through needless stress or be exposed to germs. You don’t have to get tired carrying a huge load of shopping bags either as you can just wait for the delivery of everything you’ve bought at home.

Overall, bear in mind the reason for the season. Christ was born in a simple shed, in a manger, breaking the stillness of the night with His infant cry. There were probably no lights, except maybe a few stars in the sky nor were there gifts, except those from the Magi. Let us remember to have hearts as full as those present on that Holy Night, keeping things simple and centered on the meaningful celebration of life, love, and light.


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Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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