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Eating for Two during the Holidays


With your heightened sense of taste and smell, you may see-saw between loving the season of feasting and wishing that it wouldn’t give you such a nauseous feeling. Your food cravings might be magnified with the wonderful aroma of lovely food combined with the pleasing visual presentation of the Christmas smorgasbord of treats. All suggestions at trying to watch your diet for the sake of a healthy pregnancy may get thrown out the window at the drop of a holiday-themed table napkin!

All those challenges aside, you can still enjoy your fancies while maintaining a fit and healthy pregnancy.

Eat for nourishment: Barring any medical conditions and unhealthy face-stuffing, eating whatever you want on the Christmas spread is OK. Pace yourself however, and don’t overload your plate. Remember that everything would automatically look and smell good that you would want to pile it on. Resist being “takaw-tingin” and just get a little of each dish at the buffet table. Before you know it, you’ll actually be full.

For moms on their first trimester who don’t feel like eating anything at all, it’s still important to eat to keep up your strength and health. If you’re going to a party, bring some crackers to keep your tummy steady while you survey the spread for your specific “friendly” food. A combo of complex carbs and proteins would be your best bet to keep nausea at bay while giving you much-needed energy.

Remember the food plate: What was formerly the Food Pyramid is now the more dynamic Food Plate that considers nutritional needs that vary from person to person. Revamped by the USDA from the 2005 MyPyramid Food Guideline, the new model shows a meal that’s heavy on fruits and veggies.

The Eat Well Plate

The Eat Well Plate

Balance is always the key to a good diet whether you are pregnant or not. There are still a lot of healthy choices to be enjoyed alongside the more savory treats, like a salad with a little of that mouth-watering lechon. Don’t forget to load up on water, fruits, vegetables, and fish even as you enjoy other tasty holiday food. Keep the cakes and sugary drinks to a minimum too.

Small meals go a long way: To keep you from binge eating, go for regular small meals so you can keep uncontrollable urges and hunger pangs at bay. Nibble throughout the day so you can enjoy the Christmas party foods later on without going overboard. Small meals are also easier to digest and less likely to give you an acidic stomach.

However, if you’re nauseous or vomiting, avoid anything greasy or spicy that could irritate your tummy. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies, well-cooked meats and drink lots of liquids. Avoid any raw or undercooked meat or seafood (like sushi!) to prevent any possible infections from bacteria that could lead to complications for you and the baby.

Keep in mind that eating for two is no reason to let go of your discipline and control over your body and diet. Your health and well-being will greatly affect your baby so it’s important, in this season of plenty, to bulk up on what’s good for you and the baby even as you treat yourself every now and then.

For more information on healthy eating while pregnant, check out and

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