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Christmas with the New Baby

It’s the season to be merry! With cute little tykes to dress up in cute Christmas outfits matched with your excitement at introducing them to the magic of the season, it’s bound to be a memorable first family Christmas indeed! However, the pretty lights, bright colors, and jovial atmosphere can be overwhelming to even the most agreeable baby. So how do you keep your baby happy and smiling for those Christmas pictures and your sanity steady enough to merit a place on Santa’s list?

Keep holiday schedules simple and relaxed: Because your schedule will now revolve around baby’s time, chances are, you’ll either be late or too early for things. Don’t get stressed; people will understand that you and your hubby are adjusting as new parents. Just don’t plan too many things to do or your baby could get stressed or sick. It’s also a good idea to keep trips short and appearances brief. Schedule sorties around nap time and feeding time so that baby won’t be cranky or anti-social when you present him to an adoring public.

Dress for comfort: Sure, your baby in lacy, snow flake-like frou-frou or red velvet just like Santa’s would look adorable. But be sure his holiday outfits are appropriate and comfortable: nothing that’s scratchy, too thick, or too sheer. You can still go for infant holiday chic with baby-friendly fabrics like cotton and accompanying accessories that will not choke, irritate, or injure.

For Mom, dress in soft, wrinkle-free dresses or comfy tops and bottoms that are easy to move and nurse in. Wear the right underwear, like breastfeeding bras with nursing pads and control panties to help properly support your body.

Pack for survival and sanity: Always have baby’s bag prepared and inspect it the night before any trip. Anticipation is the name of the game and there is no such thing as over-packing with an infant in tow! Bring wipes, diapers, rash creams, toys, and a digital thermometer. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a squalling baby, thrown up milk, and no fresh change of baby clothes, would you?

Recon like a pro: When going anywhere, be it another home or a restaurant, make like a highly trained operative in the movies. Know the best entrances and exits. Secure quiet corners. Find out the where the bathrooms, feeding lounges, and medical and convenience stores are. Familiarize yourself with your location to know how to handle any situation with baby.

Stay home as much as you can: Let the family and friends come to you. Everyone would want to adore your little one and share in the joy that only a baby can bring. Keeping close to home would ensure your child’s utmost comfort, sense of familiarity and security, and give you peace of mind at having everything you need conveniently close at hand.

With the basics taken care of, you can now focus on celebrating your first Christmas season together as a new family. Start your own family traditions. Put a spin on the usual Christmas family photo greeting card. Wear cool costumes as you wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas with the new baby. Start a Christmas scrapbook. Add more memories and mementos to it every year. Pick a special ornament to hang on the Christmas tree for each member of the family every year. It could be baby’s hospital tag embellished with a Christmas ribbon or a little ballet slipper.

On top of everything, just relax and concentrate on making happy, meaningful memories with your new baby as a new family.

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