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Exercise Alternatives for Non-Gym Lovers

Yes, exercise should be part and parcel of keeping our bodies healthy and our blood flowing for quick, active minds. However, not everyone has the luxury (yes, luxury!) of two to three hours of time and funding to enroll in a proper gym. Or, it would be so fabulous to have a set of exercises to do every day with a bunch of friends like in Moms On The Floor! It would be so much fun, even as staying in shape is also a time to bond with your kids!

Moms On The Floor: Prenatal Excercises


So what to do to avoid totally boggling out of shape as pregnancy makes us fuzzy around the edges? Well, you may not be able to avoid looking like a pear, but a few simple exercises during your daily routine can help you keep within healthy proportions, strengthen your bones, and even prepare you for childbirth.


1.     WALK!

Anywhere and anytime you can, going up stairs and down! Keep a comfortable pace and wear comfortable footwear. Afterwards, put your feet up and enjoy a nice, cushiony seat.



Not the kind that put the little bun in the oven, mind you! But while you’re resting, upon waking up, or before going to sleep, gentle stretching will help your body stay limber. It will also keep the cramps from settling in as your body grows heavier. Leg raises and hip lifts can strengthen pelvic muscles as well as your back.



Canned goods serve more than just to fill up your pantry cupboards. Use a can or two to serve as your weights for exercises to tone your arms. While you’re watching TV, surfing the net for baby things or reading a book, do a couple of reps per arm. This will come in handy when the baby comes out! You’ll thank those cans for the added strength and endurance, through long nights and days when your little one refuses to be put down!



Turn up your favorite tunes and step it up while you’re sweeping, mopping, cooking, or tidying up! You don’t need to break out into rivers of sweat, just a bit of heart-pumping movement will do to get your blood running merrily through your body and oxygen and happy hormones delivered to your baby.


Dance with your favorite partner!

You don’t have to do anything excessive to guarantee your health and fitness. Just a few minutes every day of physical activity will do the trick, around 20 to 30 minutes or so.  Be sure to keep yourself hydrated and don’t do anything strenuous on an empty stomach.

Of course, along with exercise, be sure to eat healthy, nutritious food, and consult with your doctor to ensure a safe, happy pregnancy.



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