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Scared of childbirth? Don’t be!

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.netFirst, the bad news: a recent study at the University of Oslo in Norway found that women who were afraid of giving birth ended up spending more time in labor. The scaredy-preggers spent about eight hours in labor compared to the braver ones who only logged in 6.5 hours. Worse, expectant moms who were scared of childbirth were also more likely to end up having an emergency C-section.

The reasons for the childbirth fears vary. First-time moms are understandably scared of going through such a life-changing experience. Others either have a history of bad obstetric experiences or lack the emotional support of family and friends.

The good news: You need not be afraid of the birthing experience. Communicate your concerns and issues with your doctor and your partner. Attend childbirth classes to get an insider look on what the process is all about. Empower yourself with knowledge and you’ll soon kiss those fears away.


Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

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